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Dead Bug Variations for Strong Core VIDEO

Dead Bug works the entire core!  It works on resisting motion in the core which is exactly what we want!  We want a stable core while we are moving our Read More

Relieve Back Pain with an Easy Ab Stretch VIDEO

Tight muscles decreased range of motion.  Tight abs can lead to hunching and poor posture.  Take time to stretch the abs to improve posture and prevent back pain.     Read More

Inchworm - Day 16 Movement Challenge 2020

Day 16 – Inchworm  Mobility -hamstrings -hips -calves -ankles Strengthen -core -shoulders -glutes Read More

Scorpion Stretch - Day 15 Movement Challenge 2020

Day 15 – Scorpion Stretch Stretches -low back -quads -hip flexors -shoulders -biceps Strengthen -low back -core -glutes Read More

No More Sit-ups! Try the Curl Up Instead

No More Sit-ups!  Sit-ups and crunches flex the low back which is the exact mechanism for disc herniation. Instead try the curl up to work the core without flexing the spine. Read More

Viewing 1 - 5 out of 5 posts

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