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Low Back and Hip Mobility VIDEO

Loosen up your tight/stiff back and hips, do this at the end of a busy day.  Mobility work doesn't have to take hours, add a little bit every day to Read More

Hip Mobility + 2 Modifications VIDEO

Mobility is critical for joint function! Work this hip mobility exercise to increase the mobility in the hips and help decrease hip and low back pain and stiffness. Read More

Do This if You Sit TOO Much VIDEO

Do this if you have been sitting too much lately! Work on your mobility for happy, healthy hips!  Read More

Easy Hip Opener with Butterfly Stretch VIDEO

Try this easy hip opener.  If you  have tight hips more stress and movement will be transferred to the low back causing compensations and pain.   Great for after a workout Read More

Relieve Pain, Tension and Stiffness in Hips and Legs in a Doorway VIDEO

Doorway stretches to loosen up the tension, tightness and stiffness in the lower body and relieve pain. Easy to do at home, the office or a hotel.  Read More

Loosen Back, Hips and Legs with One Move VIDEO

Loosen the upper back, low back, hips and legs with this one move.  The deep squat with thoracic rotation.   Great if you have been sitting a lot or add it to Read More

Hip Mobility and Stability Challenge VIDEO

Training and improving your mobility is important for increasing or keeping your range of motion in the joints and help keep them functioning properly.  Mobility and stability will keep your Read More

Pigeon Pose for Tight Hips and Low Back Pain VIDEO

Pigeon Pose Tight hips cause muscles imbalances and compensations that commonly contribute to low back pain. Read More

Easy Hip Mobility Exercise for Hip and Low Back Pain Relief VIDEO

Easy Hip Mobility Exercise for Hip and Low Back Pain ReliefHip tightness can contribute to hip pain and low back pain.  Give this easy mobility exercise a try Other helpful videos Read More

Fix for tight or pinching hip with the 90/90 stretch VIDEO

Fix your tight or pinching hips with the 90/90 stretch.  This will help with low back pain and hip pain.   Read More

Viewing 1 - 10 out of 10 posts

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