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How to Stretch Your Way to Better Health

Bottom Line:  Life is motion. “Motion is lotion” for your body. You get the idea. The point is that moving every day is crucially important to your overall health and wellness, Read More

The Surprising Link Between Posture and Depression

Bottom Line:  Posture can either work for or against us. Take it from the leading posture correction specialist in Webster. Each day we’re learning more and more about new health conditions Read More

Postural Stress: The Link Between Tech Neck and Pain

Bottom Line:  While it’s true that your anatomy can contribute to the levels of postural stress you experience, so can many of the small decisions you make each day. You’ve probably Read More

Improving Your Posture to Keep Your Spine Healthy

Bottom Line:  Spending more time on the couch, at your computer, and on your mobile devices has probably led you to visit Google to search for ways to start improving your Read More

Is There a Perfect Posture?

Bottom Line:  "Sit up straight and stop slouching!" We’ve all heard (or said) it a million times in the name of having perfect posture. You've likely heard this since childhood, and Read More

Easy Hamstring and Glute Strengthening at Home

Strong hamstrings and glutes help you have a happy back!  Try this strengthening exercise today!  Read More

The Most Common Injuries After a Car Accident

Bottom Line: Whether you are just driving to work or taking a big family vacation, an unexpected car accident can cause painful injuries that impact you for months and years Read More

How to Recover from Whiplash After an Auto Accident

Bottom Line:  Your spine is a long chain of bones, discs, muscles, and ligaments that extend from your skull down to your tailbone. The cervical spine (your neck) is designed to Read More

What You Need to Know About Delayed Pain After a Car Accident

Bottom Line: If you can walk away after a car accident without any catastrophic injuries, you should certainly consider yourself lucky. But there is something important we want you to Read More

Whiplash: How These Injuries Can Cause Chronic Pain

Bottom Line:  Whiplash is the term used to describe the injuries that occur as a direct result of a forceful, uncontrolled, and rapid back and forth motion of the neck. These Read More

Why Do Athletes Need a Chiropractor?

Bottom Line: Training, preparing, and competing are all part of what makes sports so much fun. Wait - what about rest and recovery? Afterall, the majority of motions commonly seen in many popular Read More

Be Like Mike: How to Reach Your Full Potential

Bottom Line:  Athletes and active people alike are always looking for that edge that keeps them performing at their best. And there may not be anyone who embodies that spirit for so Read More

Pro Tips to Keep Your Spinal Discs Healthy

Bottom Line: Not everyone spends their entire week preparing to “play on Sunday.” Our “big game” for the week is more likely to take place in a conference room or on a Read More

Improving Your CrossFit Performance

Bottom Line: CrossFit is a challenging sport! Participants primarily focus on strength and conditioning and add in a healthy dose of competition for good measure. Their training programs typically incorporate a wide range Read More

How Pro Athletes Deal with Pain

Bottom Line: Professional sports is big business, and sports performance is a huge part of winning. To help athletes play at the highest levels possible, they’re given access to a variety of Read More

Neck Arthritis: Why Your Daily Habits Might be to Blame!

Bottom Line: Arthritis is defined as the breakdown of the cartilage around your joints, and this condition can develop anywhere in your body. Neck arthritis is quite common. Arthritis is Read More

Viewing 81 - 96 out of 299 posts


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