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Loosen Shoulders with Easy Foam Roller Stretch VIDEO

Tight shoulders? Try this easy stretch using a foam roller to loosen your shoulders and pecs. Read More

3 Glute Bridge Progressions with the Swiss Ball VIDEO

3 Glute Bridge Progressions with the Swiss Ball Strong glutes protect your low back.  If you have weak glutes your low back will compensate and is more likely to be injured. Read More

Ice or Heat? VIDEO

Ice or Heat? When to use ice or heat. Ice is best for acute injuries, an injury that just happened.  Ice will help decrease inflammation, swelling and pain.  Heat is best for Read More

Carpal Tunnel and Wrist Pain Relief at Your Desk VIDEO

3 Easy things to do at your desk to loosen wrists and help prevent and relieve pain and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.   Read More

Loosen Tight Hips at Your Desk VIDEO

An easy way to loosen up tight hips while at your desk.   Your hip flexors tighten up with sitting so it is important to take stretch breaks to loosen the Read More

Advanced Plank Progressions VIDEO

Want to make the plank more challenging?  Here are a few ways to advance the basic plank core strengthening exercise.  Core strength is important for spinal stabilization, reduce or prevent Read More

How to Stretch Before a Run VIDEO

Stretching Before a Run The best way to stretch before a run or workout is to stretch dynamically, continuously moving through the stretch.  Static stretching, holding a stretch in one position Read More

Loosen Tight Hips with the Frog Stretch VIDEO

Frog StretchTight hips can cause compensations and contribute to low back pain and knee pain.  The frog stretch will stretch the hips, groin and inner thighs.  This is also an Read More

Pallof Press - An Abs Exercise Everyone Should Do VIDEO

Pallof PressThe Pallof Press is a great way to engage your entire core.  This exercise also helps prevent low back pain by training your core to resist being tweaked out Read More

Couch Stretch for Hip and Low Back Pain VIDEO

The Couch Stretch for Hip and Low Back Pain Relief The hip flexors cross the hip joint and attach to your spine.  With tight hip flexors this can pull your low Read More

Yoga Flow - VIDEO

Yoga is one of my favorite ways to exercise A Few Benefits of Yoga…Increased FlexibilityIncreased Muscle StrengthImproved BalanceBetter PostureDecreased StressReduced PainInjury Prevention Read More

2 Band Exercises for Stronger Glutes and Less Low Back Pain VIDEO

A lot of low back pain comes from improper lifting.  When lifting you need to engage your glutes and hinge at your hips to decrease the stress on your low Read More

The Shoe Balance Challenge VIDEO

Check your hip mobility with the shoe balance challenge.  Grab your shoe and give it a try! Want more mobility challenges: Get Up Off the Floor Hamstring Mobility Challenge Read More

Easy Hip Mobility Exercise for Hip and Low Back Pain Relief VIDEO

Easy Hip Mobility Exercise for Hip and Low Back Pain ReliefHip tightness can contribute to hip pain and low back pain.  Give this easy mobility exercise a try Other helpful videos Read More

Hamstring Mobility Challenge VIDEO

Do you have tight hamstrings?  Challenge yourself to see how mobile your hamstring are, then if you need to check out our hamstring stretching video. Tight hamstrings Click Here Read More

Forward Rounded Shoulder Fix VIDEO

Poor posture and forward rounded shoulder can contribute to back pain, neck pain, headaches and shoulder pain.  The muscle in the front of the shoulder, including the pecs and internal Read More

Viewing 257 - 272 out of 304 posts


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