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4 Things to do at Home for Plantar Fasciitis or Foot Cramps VIDEO

Watch the video to see 4 things to do at home for Plantar Fasciitis or foot cramps.  Give it .a try and remember to be consistent! Read More

How to transition from sitting to standing without triggering back pain VIDEO

Transitioning from sitting to standing can easily trigger back pain if you flex though your low back.  Check out the video on how to do it the right way to Read More

3 Easy Stretches For Low Back Pain Relief

3 easy stretches for a stiff and sore low back.  Give them a try.  Read More

Lifting Something Light From the Floor Without Aggravating Back Pain VIDEO

The Golfer's lift is a great way to lift something light off the floor when you have back pain or to prevent back pain.  When you avoid flexing your spine Read More

How to Avoid Back Pain Triggers When You Sneeze VIDEO

Avoiding flexing your spine when you sneeze with help you avoid the major back pain triggers.   Instead of flexing forward when you sneeze, you will lift your head up and Read More

How to fix your sitting posture VIDEO

Fix your sitting posture to take stress and strain off your back and neck. Read More

The 2 best self-treatment exercises for Tennis Elbow VIDEO

2 best self-treatment exercises for Tennis Elbow 1. Myofascial release 2. Tyler Twist Watch the video and try it out. Read More

3 Core Exercises That Won't Wreck Your Back VIDEO

A strong core is important for injury recovery and prevention.  It also helps improve posture, decreases pain, and improves balance and stability.  The traditional core exercises such as sit-ups, crunches Read More

Tension Headaches Relief Tips VIDEO

Tension Headaches Relief Tips Watch the video to see these tips: 1. Self massage 2. Hydrate 3. Improve your posture 4. Self myofascial release If you try these tips and still have headaches give us a Read More

Bad posture impact on rotator cuff tears

The impact of posture on rotator cuff tears  Research from the Journal of Shoulder and Elbow surgery compared people’s posture with their incidence of rotator cuff tears.  They examined people’s posture and Read More

3 mobility exercises for stiff shoulders

3 quick and easy exercises to loosen up stiff shoulders.  As always, stop if you have pain and see your chiropractor.   Watch the video below. Read More

How to tie your shoes to prevent triggering back pain. VIDEO

When you have back pain, something as simple as tying your shoes can aggravate low back pain.  Watch the video below for a way to tie your shoes without triggering Read More

How to loosen up your hips with a foam roller. VIDEO

Do you have tight hips?  Using the foam roller to loosen up your hips is especially helpful for runners and people who sit at their desk all day,   Remember to Read More

How to get in an out of bed with back pain or sciatica VIDEO

Getting in and out of bed when you have back pain can be a challenge.  The key is to avoid twisting, bending or torquing your spine.  Follow the easy steps Read More

A Quick Fix for your Standing Posture VIDEO

Bad posture can cause back pain, neck pain and headaches.  When you are standing with poor posture the muscles in the back of your neck and back are constantly contracting. Read More

4 things to do after a car accident

4 things to do after an Car Accident: Did you know that according to the Journal of approximately 15-40 percent of those injured in an automobile accident will have chronic pain Read More

Viewing 289 - 304 out of 304 posts


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