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MOBILITY CHALLENGE - Can You Get Off The Floor Without Using Your Hands? VIDEO

As we age many people lose balance, strength and flexibility.  This can cause difficulty with basic things like picking things up off the floor, getting out of bed, going to Read More

Deskercise for Neck and Upper Back Pain Relief VIDEO

Do you sit at a desk for hours?  Try these moves to relieve or prevent neck and upper back pain.   Read More

How to Lift With Your Legs and NOT Your Back to Prevent Low Back Pain VIDEO

Lift with your legs and not your back! We hear it all the time but how do you actually do it?  Dr. Venessa shows you how to learn the hip Read More

Fix for tight or pinching hip with the 90/90 stretch VIDEO

Fix your tight or pinching hips with the 90/90 stretch.  This will help with low back pain and hip pain.   Read More

#1 Move for Neck Pain and Tightness Relief VIDEO

My favorite way to relieve neck pain and tightness across the shoulders if I can't make it in to get an adjustment.  All you need is a lacrosse ball and Read More

Deskercise for Low Back Pain Relief VIDEO

Four stretches you can do at your desk to relieve or prevent low back pain.  Check out the video. Read More

SI Joint Pain Relief at Home VIDEO

Two things to try to get SI joint pain relief at home.  Check out the video and give them a try.   Read More

2 Bedtime Bad Habits that Cause Back Pain, Neck Pain and Headaches VIDEO

Two bedtime bad habits that cause back pain, neck pain and headaches and ways to fix them.  Check out the video. Read More

Sitting on your Wallet Causes Back Pain and Sciatica VIDEO

Guys, stop sitting on your wallet!  How does sitting on your wallet cause back pain and Sciatica?  Watch the video to find out.   Read More

How Tight Hamstrings Cause Back Pain and 3 Ways to Stretch Them VIDEO

Tight hamstrings affect the position of your pelvis, this affects your posture and can cause back pain.  Check out the video to see how this works and 3 ways to Read More

Sciatica Sleep Hacks VIDEO

Three sleep hacks if you have Sciatica.  Give them a try to find the best one for you.  Watch the video. Read More

4 Things to do at Home for Plantar Fasciitis or Foot Cramps VIDEO

Watch the video to see 4 things to do at home for Plantar Fasciitis or foot cramps.  Give it .a try and remember to be consistent! Read More

How to transition from sitting to standing without triggering back pain VIDEO

Transitioning from sitting to standing can easily trigger back pain if you flex though your low back.  Check out the video on how to do it the right way to Read More

3 Easy Stretches For Low Back Pain Relief

3 easy stretches for a stiff and sore low back.  Give them a try.  Read More

Lifting Something Light From the Floor Without Aggravating Back Pain VIDEO

The Golfer's lift is a great way to lift something light off the floor when you have back pain or to prevent back pain.  When you avoid flexing your spine Read More

How to Avoid Back Pain Triggers When You Sneeze VIDEO

Avoiding flexing your spine when you sneeze with help you avoid the major back pain triggers.   Instead of flexing forward when you sneeze, you will lift your head up and Read More

Viewing 273 - 288 out of 299 posts


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