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Upper Back and Shoulder Relief VIDEO

Do these 2 exercises if you want to: -improve flexibility and mobility-relieve upper back stiffness and pain-relieve shoulder stiffness and pain-relieve neck stiffness and pain-improve posture Read More

Wall Slides for Neck and Shoulder Pain and Stiffness Relief VIDEO

Do these if you sit at a desk.    Wall slides are great as a warmup before a workout or as a movement break at the office. Wall slides help with: • Improving Read More

Relieve Overhead Stiffness with Doorway Lat Stretch VIDEO

The latissimus dorsi muscles, or lats for short, are critical for shoulder health and function!  Stretching your lats will help improve or maintain full overhead mobility/range of motion which is essential Read More

Bridge with Reach for Stability and Mobility VIDEO

A great strength/mobility exercises to combat sitting.   Long hours of sitting can "turn off"/inhibit the glutes and tighten the hip flexors.  The glute bridge will fire up the glutes and Read More

Active Hip Mobility for Pain Relief VIDEO

Hip mobility is not only critical for preventing or relieving hip pain but also low back pain.  If the hip mobility/range of motion is restricted the low back will compensate Read More

Fix Upper Back Tightness 2 ways VIDEO

It is common to have tightness/stiffness in the upper back from sitting at a computer all day in a slouched position.  Improve mobility to relieve the tight achy spots with Read More

Do these 3 things to FIX rounded shoulders VIDEO

Rounded shoulders can contribute to neck pain, headaches, back pain and shoulder pain. Do these three things to fix rounded shoulders:StretchReleaseStrengthen Read More

When You Don't Have Time To Stretch VIDEO

When you think you don't have time to stretch --> DO THIS.   Don't just sit there!!! Read More

Hip Pain Relief with Mobilization VIDEO

Dr. Venessa Bartholomew DC demonstrates how actively mobilize the hips into internal and external rotation.  Hip mobility is critical for injury prevention. If the hip joint is restricted this can Read More

Low Back and Hip Pain Relief VIDEO

Improve flexibility and decreases stiffness in the low back and hips. This will help relieve old aches and pain while preventing new ones.  Read More

Revive Tight Hips VIDEO

Hip tightness plays an important role in low back pain. Most of the hip muscles attach directly to the low back and sacrum. Keeping your hips flexible and mobile will Read More

Relieve Neck Pain and Headaches VIDEO

Reverse bad posture and help restore the proper cervical curvature in the spine leading to reduced tension, stress, pain and headaches. Read More

Relieve Back Pain with an Easy Ab Stretch VIDEO

Tight muscles decreased range of motion.  Tight abs can lead to hunching and poor posture.  Take time to stretch the abs to improve posture and prevent back pain.     Read More

Rotator Cuff Stretches VIDEO

The rotator cuff is a group of muscles around the shoulder joint that work together to help stabilize the joint.  Do these two stretches to help improve flexibility and range Read More

Advanced Shoulder Mobility VIDEO

The shoulders are the most mobile joints in the body.  It is important to maintain full range of motion to keep the joints healthy.  Try these mobility exercises to get Read More

Do These For Back Pain Relief After Sitting VIDEO

5 stretches to do after sitting or driving for  back pain relief. Read More

Viewing 113 - 128 out of 282 posts


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