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3 Things for Neck Pain and Headache Relief at Your Desk VIDEO

3 things you can do right in your chair for neck pain, upper back pain and headache relief. Give these a try today! Read More

Meet Bobby - Patient Testimonial VIDEO

Meet Bobby - hear his story about how he found relief for his low back pain. Click here ---> Request an Appointment Read More

DIY Low Back Release VIDEO

DIY Quadratus Lumborum (deep low back muscle) release for relief.   The Quadratus Lumborum muscle attaches to the top of your pelvis, up your spine and across your bottom rib, you Read More

Neck Pain Relief VIDEO

Watch the video of a treatment session for neck pain and tightness at Sea Lark Chiropractic! Ready for Relief? Click Here to Request an Appointment Read More

Magnesium for Natural Migraine Relief

Magnesium for Natural Migraine Relief A common contributor to migraine headaches is low magnesium.  A magnesium deficiency can manifest in many ways because your body needs magnesium for more than 600 Read More

How to Sit up Straight for Back Pain Relief VIDEO

How to sit up straight to decrease back pain, neck pain and headaches.       The key to sitting up straight is all in the set up.  Watch the video Read More

Release Tight Calves Without Stretching VIDEO

2 ways to release tight calves without stretching. Great after wearing work boot, boots or high heels.  Or for people with Achilles tendon pain, Plantar Fasciitis and Charley horses. Watch Now! Give Read More

Plank Roll For Dynamic Core Stabilization VIDEO

The plank roll is a great way to strengthen the core in a dynamic  spine sparing way.  Dynamic core stabilization is essential for low back pain prevention and low back Read More

How and Why to Side Plank VIDEO

Side planks are a great way to train lateral (side-to-side) stability of your spine and core.  Core stability is critical for protecting your spine and preventing low back pain.  Watch Read More

Stiff Back Mobility with Thread the Needle VIDEO

Stiff back and shoulders?This mobility drill is great after a long day of sitting or working at the computer.  It will help loosen your back and shoulders to relieve pain Read More

DIY Hip Flexor and Quad Release with Lacrosse Ball VIDEO

Clicking in the front of the hip, hip pain or low back pain?  Try this to release the hip flexors and quads to relieve pain and tightness in the front Read More

Loosen Shoulders with Easy Foam Roller Stretch VIDEO

Tight shoulders? Try this easy stretch using a foam roller to loosen your shoulders and pecs. Read More

3 Glute Bridge Progressions with the Swiss Ball VIDEO

3 Glute Bridge Progressions with the Swiss Ball Strong glutes protect your low back.  If you have weak glutes your low back will compensate and is more likely to be injured. Read More

Ice or Heat? VIDEO

Ice or Heat? When to use ice or heat. Ice is best for acute injuries, an injury that just happened.  Ice will help decrease inflammation, swelling and pain.  Heat is best for Read More

Carpal Tunnel and Wrist Pain Relief at Your Desk VIDEO

3 Easy things to do at your desk to loosen wrists and help prevent and relieve pain and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.   Read More

Loosen Tight Hips at Your Desk VIDEO

An easy way to loosen up tight hips while at your desk.   Your hip flexors tighten up with sitting so it is important to take stretch breaks to loosen the Read More

Viewing 241 - 256 out of 299 posts


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