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Relieve Shoulder, Upper Arm and Elbow Pain with Triceps Release VIDEO

Tight Triceps can: -Cause shoulder pain-Cause elbow pain-Limit your shoulder range of motion-Cause pain in the back of the upper armLoosen the triceps with a foam roller or lacrosse ball! Read More

Relax... Legs Up The Wall VIDEO

Legs up the Wall Gentle stretch for the low back and hamstringsRelax, relieve tension and stressHelps reduce swelling and pain in feet and legs - great after flying, workouts or sitting/standing Read More

Desk Set Up Fix VIDEO

Check Your Desk Quick tips:Don’t slouch! Slouching puts more pressure on the discs and vertebrae of your back.The monitor should be placed directly in front of you, with the top at approximately eye Read More

Sit Spin Mobility Challenge VIDEO

Mobility Challenge - Mobility is important for reducing your risk of injury! Give this a try.  Read More

Unwind The Spine with a Twist VIDEO

Relieve tension, pain and stiffness in the hips, back, shoulder and chest with this easy stretch. This is one of my favorite stretches!  I do it every day! Read More

Microbreak to Prevent Desk Injuries and Prevent Pain and Headaches VIDEO

Micro-break for preventing desk injuries, headaches, neck pain and back pain.   Micro Break: Any short break you take from your work during the dayHelpsImprove your ability to concentrateReduce stressAvoid common Read More

Pigeon Pose for Tight Hips and Low Back Pain VIDEO

Pigeon Pose Tight hips cause muscles imbalances and compensations that commonly contribute to low back pain. Read More

DON'T Crack Your Own Neck - VIDEO

DON'T Crack Your Own Neck! Cracking your neck improperly can lead to:Pinched nervesHeadachesSprained jointsStrained musclesInstability Read More

Stick Mobility Challenge VIDEO

Mobility is important for reducing your risk of injury!  When you are unable to move correctly or fully through your full range of motion, it can cause compensations, muscle imbalances, Read More

No More Sit-ups! Try the Curl Up Instead

No More Sit-ups!  Sit-ups and crunches flex the low back which is the exact mechanism for disc herniation. Instead try the curl up to work the core without flexing the spine. Read More

Back Pain Relief For Severe Pain or Flare Up

Back Pain Relief For Severe Pain or Flare Up This 90/90 position will help get your back in a neutral position and help take pressure off the discs and allow the Read More

Eagle Arms for Stretching Between the Shoulder Blades and Shoulders VIDEO

Eagle Arms stretch for stretching the upper back between the shoulder blades and shoulders. Read More

Brettzel Stretch for Stretching from Ankles to Shoulders VIDEO

Brettzel stretch to stretch from you ankles to your shoulders.  Great for runners and cyclists and for restoring the rotation in your torso. Read More

Plank to Toe Touch for Mobility and Stability VIDEO

Plank to toe touch is great for mobility of the ankles, calves, hamstrings, back and shoulders.  This is also great for core and shoulder stability.   Read More

Gorilla Squat for Ankle, Knee, Hip and Low Back Mobility VIDEO

Try the Gorilla Squat for improving the mobility and flexibility of the ankles, knees, hips and low back. Read More

Easy Posture Trick for Text Neck VIDEO

Easy posture check trick so you know when you have your head in the right position for good posture. Read More

Viewing 209 - 224 out of 300 posts


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