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Neck Pain Relief by Levator Scapula Release VIDEO

Levator Scapula pain and tightness can contribute to shoulder pain, neck pain and headaches.   Try this release to help! Read More

Stop Scrolling and Take a Hand Break VIDEO

Too much time on the computer or phone?   Stop scrolling and do this hand break! Read More

Foam Rolling for Low Back Pain Relief VIDEO

Self myofascial release is a great way to relax the muscles connected to and around the low back and can increase your range of motion and mobility.  Do these five Read More

Back Pain Relief for Moms VIDEO

Avoid carrying your baby/child while popping your hip out to the side.  This can cause pain in the muscles, bones, discs and joints of the back and pelvis area.  Keep Read More

Increase Flexibility and Mobility of Low Back VIDEO

Stretch from your hips to the tips of fingers.   This stretch will target the deep Quadratus Lumborum muscle that goes from the top of your pelvis, attaches to the spine Read More

Fix Your Stiff Back VIDEO

Nagging stiff achy back? Too much sitting?  Give these a try. Read More

Fix Nagging Shoulder Blade Pain VIDEO

Stretching and rolling out the nagging pain between the shoulder blade and spine?  If it isn't fixed it is most likely not a muscular problem.  The problem is deeper in Read More

Stop Sitting on Your Foot or Wallet VIDEO

Sitting on your foot or wallet will torque your pelvis and cause your body to tilt to the side.  This tilt causes a scoliosis compensation in your spine as you Read More

Relieve Back Pain and Stiffness After Sitting VIDEO

Great stretches after too much time sitting or driving. 5 simple stretches:-Cobra-Hip flexor-Supine twist-Piriformis-HamstringHold for 30 seconds each side.  Stop if there is pain, numbness, or tingling.  Read More

Sweet Neck Pain Relief VIDEO

Treatments are safe, restore alignment and relieve pain and discomfort. Read More

Dr. Venessa's 10 Day Detox Review VIDEO

For my detox I followed the Thorne’s MediClear 10-Day Detox Protocol Learn more here:  The detox combines nutritional supplementation with dietary suggestions designed to decrease exposure to toxins, allergens, and other irritants.  Allergies Read More

Easy Neck Pain Relief with Lacrosse Ball VIDEO

Easy way to relieve headaches, neck pain, stiffness and tightness.   Read More

Relieve Pain, Tension and Stiffness in Hips and Legs in a Doorway VIDEO

Doorway stretches to loosen up the tension, tightness and stiffness in the lower body and relieve pain. Easy to do at home, the office or a hotel.  Read More

Relieve Pain, Tension and Stiffness in the Upper Body in a Doorway - Upper Body

Do these easy, feel good stretches in a doorway to ease pain and loosen up the tension, tightness and stiffness in the upper body. Easy to do at home, the Read More

Loosen Back, Hips and Legs with One Move VIDEO

Loosen the upper back, low back, hips and legs with this one move.  The deep squat with thoracic rotation.   Great if you have been sitting a lot or add it to Read More

Neck Pain and Stiffness Relief Micro Break VIDEO

A quick easy micro-break for neck and shoulder stiffness relief. Every hour during your work day you should take a short break and move! Micro-breaks are short breaks taken throughout the Read More

Viewing 161 - 176 out of 303 posts


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